Accedian Wins Best Network Automation Technology Award at TechXLR8 5G Asia Awards

Skylight analytics recognized for ability to support closed-loop automation and assurance of business-critical 5G and IoT services

Accedian’s Skylight performance analytics platform won Best Network Automation Technology category in the TechXLR8 5G Asia Awards.

In order to support service-led 5G networks, modern service assurance platforms should be able to analyze any kind of telemetry data, from any service or part of the network in real time, to prevent and predict issues before they impact customer experience. Being able to process and analyze ‘relevant, clean data’ in real time is critical to supporting closed-loop automation and assuring the performance business-critical 5G and IoT services. 

Skylight analytics is designed with the latest cloud technology to ingest and analyze performance management data at scale to improve network quality and customer experience. It is designed to provide a ‘telescopic’ view of network performance as well as the ability to drill down into how applications and services are behaving and affecting customer experience in real time.

The Best Network Automation Technology award recognizes the best network automation project that has delivered measurable rewards for the operator using advanced automation solutions.

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