Steve Mills joined IBM in 1973 after graduating from New York’s Union College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. His early career at IBM was in sales working with clients in the telecommunications and financial markets industries. He has held managerial and executive roles since 1982

Steve’s role in transforming IBM’s software business began in 1989 when he became Assistant Group Executive in IBM’s Programming Systems Group. In 1992/93 he took over leadership of IBM’s Silicon Valley Software Lab where he had responsibility for the development of data base, transaction processing and application development products.

In 1993 he was named General Manager of the Software Solutions Division. His responsibilities included all development, marketing and sales for IBM’s middleware products. He led IBM to market leadership in middleware with the development of key product brands such as Websphere. His efforts moved IBM from predominantly mainframe based software business to a business that now produces more revenue from Linux, Unix and Windows than from IBM’s traditional mainframe based franchise.

In 2000 he was named Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Software Group. In that role he was responsible for the development, marketing and sales of all software products. He led a strategy to significantly broaden IBM’s software portfolio through both internal development and acquisitions. His acquisition strategy resulted in the purchase of more than 150 software companies. He developed a unique set of integration practices that has allowed
IBM to realize significant value from acquired companies. His efforts resulted in the doubling of the size of IBM’s software business. Under his leadership software became the largest contributing segment to IBM’s profit. Steve drove the strategies to expand IBM’s participation in big data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobile device enablement and internet of things initiatives.