Network Performance Assurance

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With open, multi-vendor interoperable, programmable platforms, Accedian delivers ultra-precise, granular, real-time performance monitoring and MEF-certified networking and QoS optimization. With a range of network performance elements, modules and virtualized instrumentation, Accedian solutions provide complete Core-to-Edge coverage for total network performance visibility and assurance.

Packet networking performance is variable and inconsistent, and mission critical applications, including mobile communications over LTE and small cell networks, high-speed trading, hosted data center connectivity and cloud computing are often subject to quality of service (QoS) issues.

Real-time business and carrier exchange applications require ultra-low delay and delay variation, guaranteed throughput and carrier-grade reliability with operational efficiency. This is where Accedian’s Network Performance Assurance™ plays an important role. Our solutions monitor, maintain, optimize and manage network performance so that mobile operators and service providers can assure performance to deliver the best possible services to their customers.