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Oriso Solutions launches new enterprise-grade monitoring services powered by Accedian

Innovative Performance-as-a-Service and Security-as-a-Service offerings will focus on alleviating major pain points for enterprises around performance and security visibility

MONTREAL, Canada – October 18, 2019 – Oriso Solutions, a cloud pioneer since 2005, today announced that it is launching two new enterprise-grade monitoring services powered by Accedian, the leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions. The combined knowledge of both technological partners and Accedian’s deep network analysis technologies has resulted in two innovative services that will alleviate major pain points for enterprises – application performance monitoring and security event monitoring in the complex hybrid environments of today.

The first new service offering is called APM, which stands for Application Performance Monitoring. APM will provide application performance monitoring and alerting in an “as a service” model where customers pay a monthly fee for custom, evolutive dashboards tailored to each customer’s individual environment and monitoring services to establish baselines and send alerts when performance deviates from their statistical variance. The Oriso APM team will also provide value by identifying the root cause for any performance degradation and aid in solving them, be it an Internet link provider not respecting their SLA, a deficient database request, a DNS issue, etc. For each degradation, the Oriso APM team will identify, alert and explain the cause. The monitoring powered by the Accedian Skylight solution is so precise and predictive that Oriso can identify the majority of issues proactively, before they have a notable impact on end users’ productivity.

The second service offering is called ASM, which stands for Advanced Security Monitoring. ASM is the security service equivalent to APM and uses the same network analysis sensors, provided by Accedian Skylight, to provide the data necessary for deep security analysis; be it a breach, malware deployment, vulnerability probing, deficient device configuration, or other potential indicators of compromise. The Oriso ASM team will build an adaptive custom security dashboard specific for each customer’s environment and will engage directly with the customer’s operations team to provide security alerts and point to solutions to silence the identified security risks. Oriso’s ASM is also offered in an “as-a-service” model and is delivered via the cloud, like Oriso’s APM offering.

Both offerings rely on the same Accedian Skylight sensors, software-based analysis nodes which send the necessary metadata to Oriso’s secure cloud where it is parsed, correlated and analyzed in real-time. Alerts and thresholds are handled by Oriso’s team, who then engage with the customer’s operational team to share causes and alleviation avenues. If a customer’s team is lacking resources to address the issues, Oriso also offers professional services to fix the issues directly.

As both the APM and ASM offerings rely on the same Accedian Skylight sensors, both offerings can be readily combined without the need for more local resources, providing a complete monitoring solution in an “as-a-service” model.

For more information:

  • For a demo of Accedian Skylight, visit Accedian and Oriso Solutions at stand #149 at Splunk .conf in Las Vegas, October 21-24, 2019. To schedule a meeting, visit
  • APM’s and ASM’s official product launch will take place at the St. James Club in Montreal on November 11, 2019. For further information or to be invited to the launch event, contact Steven Redmond, Vice President, Partnerships at Oriso Solutions ([email protected])

Find the PDF of this release here.

About Oriso Solutions

Since 1998, Oriso Solutions has thrived through innovation and customer satisfaction. With an early focus on IT managed services so customers could focus on their core businesses, Oriso then launched Internet-hosted services, the IGOCloud platform, in 2005 – a pioneer before the word cloud was standard practice.

With hundreds of published applications and thousands of users today in the IGOCloud platform, Oriso is happy to partner with Accedian to once again provide innovative offerings and augment the value delivered to enterprise customers with the APM and ASM services.

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