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Accedian partners with industry leading companies around the world. Together, with our SkyLIGHT™ 4X Program partners, we deliver exceptional, end-to-end network and application performance (N/APM) visibility to ensure the best possible end-user experience.

Become A SkyLIGHT 4X Program Partner

SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program

Accedian SkyLIGHT™ 4X Partner Program
Are you ready to partner and succeed?

Welcome to the Accedian SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program, the one channel partner program built for ease, flexibility, and profitability.

  • Ease of doing business
  • Flexibility in structure, incentives, and design
  • Profitability for both partners and Accedian
Download the SkyLIGHT™ 4X Partner Program Brochure

At Accedian, a global leader in Network and Application Monitoring (N/APM) solutions, we believe in offering an unmatched partner experience: an experience that instill loyalty among all parties – from Accedian to our channel partners to ultimately to end-user customers. Through innovative and differentiated N/APM solutions as well as “as-a-service” usage models, together, we can deliver a gold-standard experience for end-user customers around the world, and across all verticals.

Whether you are a Managed or Cloud Service Provider, Systems Integrator, NPM Specialist, Reseller, or Consultant,  the SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program is the only partner program that makes it easy. From low barriers to entry to a streamlined application process to flexible pricing and superior technical and sales support, the SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program has everything you need to succeed in the N/APM space.

To learn more how the SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program delivers an unmatched partner experience, contact us today [email protected] or download the brochure.

Become a SkyLIGHT 4X Program Partner

“Accedian partners are essential in bringing our solutions to customers worldwide. The SkyLIGHT 4X Partner Program offers an unmatched partnership experience to help our partners grow their business and increase profits utilizing advanced engagement models.”

Sergio Bea
Vice President, Global Enterprise and Channel Sales

Other Partnerships: Technology Partners, Associations

Accedian partnerships are driven by a shared drive to develop and deliver innovative, integrated telecom solutions to our customers. Our partners are carefully chosen based on their expertise, customer commitment, and business acumen. Our partnership strategy strengthens market access, technology integration and customer service, leading to increased success for Accedian and its partners. Our selective approach assures we maintain deep relationships with our partners through extensive technical training, support, and interoperability where multivendor solutions are developed.





Because network performance matters, Accedian is extensively involved with influential telecommunications industry associations driving the standardization and evolution of Ethernet and IP-based services and applications.





Regional Memberships



Minnesota Telecom Alliance


Illinois Telecommunications Association