Accedian Delivers Real-Time Performance Reporting to Colt PrizmNet

Colt turns to Accedian for unique end-to-end network performance visibility delivered directly from secure customer portal

London, England – November 9, 2015Accedian Networks, the end-to-end network performance experts, announced today that its VisionMETRIX™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform has been deployed by Colt to deliver in-depth, near real time, advanced network reporting and tailored service level agreement (SLA) reporting for its newly launched financial extranet service—Colt PrizmNet.

Colt’s PrizmNet provides capital market firms with the deterministic fast reach to desired providers of content such as real time data feeds, trade delivery, and other financial information. This financial extranet is delivered over a dedicated network infrastructure available to the capital market client segment. It uniquely combines deterministic, guaranteed latency with real-time performance monitoring, superior SLAs, and a customer self-service portal for easy access to content and services.

Accedian’s VisionMETRIX™ platform directly supports these benefits by enabling real-time SLA performance reporting securely within Colt’s self-service customer portal, giving customers the ability to simultaneously see the same performance reporting used by Colt, a unique level of transparency that underlines the provider’s commitment to delivering exceptional service quality and reliability.

Colt is the first service provider to deploy VisionMETRIX™ over a global footprint to serve the Capital Markets vertical, demonstrating the scalability of this secure, hosted solution. The result is uniform network reporting that spans all customer locations on the Colt PrizmNet footprint, allowing multinational financial operators to have a unified view of the performance of all of their circuits from a single dashboard.

“Financial services customers normally only have a basic level of SLA compliance reporting from their providers, often updated at daily intervals. With a real-time view of network performance directly integrated into Colt’s customer portals, financial institutions can witness the network’s value to their business, second-by-second,” Richard Webb, Research Director, Infonetics Research. “This international deployment demonstrates Accedian’s strength in virtualizing and scaling performance monitoring solutions for demanding service provider networks.”

“The adopted solution provides our customers with a simple, fully managed, near real-time view into the performance of their Colt PrizmNet services. This increases the confidence into our services by providing full transparency and enabling better understanding of the infrastructure and flow behavior at all times,” said John Loveland, VP Capital Markets at Colt. “The Accedian solution strengthens our ability to provide this precise level of reporting, which is a vital differentiator for us as a premium service provider.”

“Accedian gives PrizmNet, Colt’s extranet, sophisticated, easy-to-configure network partitioning capabilities with fine-grained metrics based on sub-second samples,” said Peter Newcombe, Accedian Vice President of Sales, EMEA. “Our integrated solution allows for single sign-on in a fully connected performance assurance platform, while respecting the highest standards of security required by the financial industry.”

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