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In his role as Chief Technology Officer at Accedian, Claude leads development of the product architecture, engineering, and technology teams, and serves as senior technologist. Claude began his telecom industry career more than a quarter century ago at EICON Technologies where he was part of the core engineering team, designed a broad datacom access product portfolio, and held the positions of Product Architect, Project Manager, and Team leader. In 2000, Claude co-founded Colubris Networks where he developed a leading edge line of wi-fi access routers and served as Operations Manager and Director of R&D. Claude holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Montreal’s the École Polytechnique.

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    Second Generation
    A cellular telecom network that uses second-generation wireless technology. Such networks digitally encrypt phone conversations, and allow data services including SMS text messages.


    Third Generation
    A cellular network that uses third-generation wireless technology based on standards that support wireless voice telephony, mobile and fixed internet access, video calls, and mobile TV. Such networks are capable of data transfer rates of at least 200 Kbps and as fast as 21 Mbps.


    Third Generation Partnership Project
    International collaboration among telecommunications associations, with the purpose of developing and maintaining the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) specification for 3G mobile networks.


    Fourth Generation
    A cellular network that uses fourth generation wireless technology to deliver mobile broadband internet access in addition to voice and text messaging. Two synonymous 4G systems are commercially deployed: Mobile WiMAX an Long Term Evolution (LTE). LTE is the predominant system in the U.S.

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