In her role as Senior Marketing Writer at Accedian, Mae blogs, manages social media strategy, and produces a variety of collateral focused on thought leadership around telecom industry news and trends. She has more than 15 years of journalism and marketing experience, covering business-to-business technology, including telecom, for a variety of organizations including and Ziff Davis. Mae holds a B.A. in communications from Thomas Edison State College.

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Securing 5G

The fundamental promise of 5G—transforming telecommunications by bringing wireline reliability and truly everywhere/anywhere service accessibility to mobile—introduces some new security…

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    Access Control List
    Aspect of a computer files system; refers to a list of permissions attached to an object that specifies which users or processes are granted access.


    Alarm Indication Signal
    Signal transmitted by an intermediate element in a multi-node transport circuit in a telecommunications system, alerting the receiving end of the circuit that a segment of the link failed either logically or physically.


    Access Point
    Device connected to a computer network.


    Application Programming Interface
    Set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications; an interface or group of building blocks programmers use to develop programs. APIs specify how software components interact.

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