Carrier NFV and SDN Lessons Learned from vCPE Deployments – Webinar Replay

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During this webinar, hosted by IHS/Infonetics, moderator Michael Howard and panelists from several vendors (including Accedian) explore the lessons carriers have learned about NFV and SDN when deploying vCPE.

Service providers around the world are investing time and energy into using NFV and SDN for vE-CPE enterprise and vCPE consumer services, but the road to live deployments has been fraught with many issues, problems and challenges. The goals are clear: to increase revenue and service agility by applying NFV and SDN for automation and operational efficiencies. Customers can use self-service portals to change bandwidths at sites and add or change levels of firewalls, WAN optimization controllers, IDS/IPS, or parental controls. This webinar brings the experiences, lessons and discoveries from service providers that have deployed enterprise vE-CPE and/or consumer vCPE.

Some of the questions addressed during the webinar include: What are the key obstacles to deploying vCPE, and how are operators overcoming them? What criteria should operators use when choosing a virtual network function (VNF) vendor? How should existing customers be migrated to NFV-based services? How can operators avoid vendor lock-in?

Moderator: Michael Howard, Senior Research Director, Carrier Networks, IHS

Panelists: Scott Sumner, VP, Solutions Marketing, Accedian; Chris Thompson, Director of Product Management, ADTRAN; Richard Arthur, NFV Solution Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise