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Active, invisible

Enterprises and mobile operators are gaining Ethernet experience quickly as they speed deployment of the latest generation of business services…

Who is Mzima?

The future of telecom comes from stories like these: Mzima (pronounced M-zeema), an operator few of us know by name,…

Who is Mzima?

The future of telecom comes from stories like these: Mzima (pronounced M-zeema), an operator few of us know by name,…

NOC needs plug & go Ethernet

Everybody’s doing it: Ethernet is getting deployed on a large scale everywhere. I’ve had the chance to meet with NOC…

The 3D, 4G mesh

Just in time to join the big summer sci-fi blockbusters is a bigger-than life techno-drama for mobile operators: the 3D,…

LTE backhaul: Think twice

When you start digging into LTE, you find it’s a pretty amazing technology – not just the speeds and feeds,…

Least-cost Ethernet?

The CBX event in New York last week harked back to the heydays of telecom, while at the same time…

The micro-burst that killed my network

The IT department at the stock trading firm was under serious pressure. Trading times, carefully monitored by sophisticated monitoring systems,…

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    A distributed application architecture for computer networks that partitions tasks between equally privileged peer nodes. Unlike in a client-server model, a P2P network does now use a centralized administrative system.


    A telecommunications system with a single path between a pair of locations. Typically used to describe microwave radio connectivity capabilities.


    Performance Assurance Agent™
    Since its introduction in 2008, PAA has been widely deployed to address both Layer 2 and Layer 3 testing, especially due to its ease of configuration and use. While PAA continues to be deployed and remains fully supported, TWAMP has also been added to the Accedian performance assurance suite for Layer 3 testing, specifically for applications where standards-based and inter-vendor testing are required.


    Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering
    As defined by IEEE 802.1Qay-2009, this standard adapts Ethernet technology to carrier-class transport networks. Also referred to as Provider Backbone Transport (PBT).

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