The Performance Authority

Monitoring the State of the Network

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LTE backhaul: Think twice

When you start digging into LTE, you find it’s a pretty amazing technology – not just the speeds and feeds,…

Least-cost Ethernet?

The CBX event in New York last week harked back to the heydays of telecom, while at the same time…

The micro-burst that killed my network

The IT department at the stock trading firm was under serious pressure. Trading times, carefully monitored by sophisticated monitoring systems,…

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  • Acronym Guide

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    Provider Backbone Transport
    See PBB-TE


    Public Branch Exchange
    A telephone exchange (switching system) that performs interconnections between many phone stations within an organization.


    Policy and Change Control
    A formal process for ensuring that information technology system or product changes are introduced in a controlled, coordinated manner.


    Policy and Charging Rules Function

    Page 54 of 82