How to implement collaborative resolution with wire data?

So you are willing to move away from the “Mean Time to Innocence” (MTTI) approach and implement collaborative performance troubleshooting and optimization. However, how can you achieve this with performance analytics extracted from your network traffic (i.e., wire data)?

A packet-based approach is not fit for team collaboration

In the old days, you could say, “let’s analyze the packets and see together what we find”. However, nowadays, simply capturing packets for subsequent traffic analysis will not cut it. How could you deal with all the data generated by 10GBit/s or even 40GBit/s links? Also, if you want your teams to cooperate, you need a tool that is not only designed for network experts. If you show TCP headers to a DBA expert, you may end up in a dialogue like that with a  Chinese speaker talking with a Russian listener. Not really efficient.

wire data analytics drive collaboration

How wire data performance analytics can fix this

With analytics automatically computed from the network packets as they cross the wire, SkyLIGHT PVX provides objective actionable information. SkyLIGHT PVX passively monitors network traffic, collecting network usage & performance, end-user experience, and application transactions exchanged over physical, virtual, cloud, and software-defined networks.

Thanks to its unique real-time, in-depth analysis features, SkyLIGHT PVX can provide the information necessary to drive effective collaboration across teams. Simple information, available with a single click for different profiles.

  • As a network engineer, you will find all the metrics needed to pinpoint network issues…
  • As an application developer, you will have performance and troubleshooting metrics easily available…
  • As database manager, you can identify errors or slow transactions in minutes…
  • As an IT manager, you will have clear reports to demonstrate the efficiency of the projects that you are responsible for…

All of your teams—network architects, DBA, system engineers, security officers, application developers and managers—will benefit from our wire data analytics.

wire data analytics for the win!

Delivering consistent and reliable network and application performance across your IT infrastructure is a real challenge. SkyLIGHT PVX helps IT departments to prevent and to solve performance degradations faster in a collaborative way thanks to proactive end-user experience, network, and application performance monitoring.

Objective, easy-to-understand metrics can be shared easily across the helpdesk, network, system, application, and other IT teams. This common understanding of where and why problems occur—and of how application behave—will help to drastically improve overall IT service delivery for your customers.

As a bonus, this will lead to a change of behaviour and favour information-sharing and cooperation between your teams for more effectiveness in the end.