How to integrate Nagios with SkyLIGHT PVX?

Nagios is a powerful open source SNMP monitoring solution. It monitors the availability and resource consumption of most devices in your IT system.

SkyLIGHT PVX can provide added value to Nagios by providing end-to-end tracking and performance measurement of all activities going through the network. It can integrate SkyLIGHT PVX’s data to trigger alerts on performance indicators such as end-user response times (EURT), server processing times, network latency, etc.

Nagios SNMP monitoring solution

Nagios is a powerful tool for easily monitoring IT networks and servers. It can easily alert on availability issues, as well as software and hardware problems. However, it’s much harder to alert on “End User Response Times” or response time degradation.

With the help of the SNMP module of your SkyLIGHT PVX probes, you can add new checks on Nagios to perform this and other advanced checks.

Accedian provides a Nagios script to make the integration easier; you can find it here:

To discover how SkyLIGHT PVX can complement your SNMP monitoring solution, please read our White Paper APM: TAKING IT MONITORING BEYOND THE LIMITS OF SNMP