The Power of Skylight Metadata: The HD Picture

Skylight delivers a wide range of exclusive and important values

In the previous two posts in this series, Experience the Power of Skylight Metadata and The Power of Skylight Metadata: Lower TCO for Network Performance Monitoring, we discussed the unique properties of Skylight metadata and the significant TCO advantages they provide compared to competitive performance monitoring tools and methods.

We illustrated how Skylight metadata streamlines full network traffic packet capture data by 2000-5000%. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent and retained for full network and application performance visibility and history.

Now we’ll examine the exclusive and important capabilities that Skylight provides for network and application performance monitoring.

Exclusive Skylight Capabilities

Capabilities Description
Best TCO Provides industry-leading TCO and ROI for complete performance visibility for cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Reduces TCO by 300-900% compared with competitive solutions that require a combination of expensive hardware and software.
Unified NPM and APM visibility Integrates Network performance monitoring and application performance monitoring into a single platform with a single interface. Provides a 360-degree view into network, application, and infrastructure performance and capacity and unifies DevOps, network ops and war room teams for action.
Global, distributed monitoring Provides complete visibility without boundaries. A wide-angle view spanning client to server, LAN to WAN, core to branch, physical and virtual, cloud and legacy. Collects the most relevant data from the right locations. Multi-segment analytics pinpoint persistent performance issues inside the application chain.
Exceptional scalability in the smallest footprint Monitor from the largest sites to the smallest remote locations. Hyper-efficient processing allows lightweight compute and storage to provide long-term historical trending with trace-level diagnostics. Transcends the cost-performance dependency of legacy stream-to-disk systems.
See everything in real time No sampling, packet brokers, or configuration required. See all traffic and applications decoded immediately. Latest generation stream-processing elevates wire analysis to real-time, actionable analytics and insight.
Unrivaled speed to insight Remarkable in-context granularity and resolving power. Span development, network operations, and IT, every tier, stack and application to predict and resolve issues in minutes.
Immediately accessible An intuitive solution that provides business outcomes with the least-possible setup, configuration, and training.

These exclusive capabilities alone make Skylight and outstanding value for any business and enables you to use limited IT budget dollars considerably more efficiently.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Skylight provides an additional range of capabilities that are very valuable for any IT infrastructure type – cloud, on-premise, and hybrid.

Valuable Skylight Capabilities

Capabilities Description
Rapid Root Cause Analytics Dramatically accelerates time to repair for application performance issues impacting user experience. Predicts possible failures and provides the insights necessary to avoid it.
Native NPM and APM-centric analytics framework Improves application delivery, user experience, network and hybrid cloud performance. Distills the details that matter from wire-data ‘exhaustion’, making the most efficient use of IT resources
Embrace the cloud with Eyes Wide Open Virtualize and cloudify with confidence. Understand the full application chain and its dependencies before you start your migration.  Reduce risk, delays, and inefficiencies by right-sizing cloud resources from the start. Optimize end user experience, application and network performance, cloud capacity, and workloads.
Complete Capacity matrix Trend and monitor network, component, and application capacity and utilization. Compile data from multiple locations and layers. Determine what’s over- or under-provisioned at a glance.
Work with an Outcome-Focused team We assure some of the most demanding networks in the world. We are responsive, innovative, and accessible. We deliver results with a combination of seasoned expertise and exceptional technology.
Open business system Integration Streams a real-time view of application delivery and performance, user activity, and network behavior to existing business processes. Understand and optimize your customers’ omnichannel experience.
Appliance-Free deployment Deploys on dedicated servers, virtual machines, VMWare or containers to cover the entire hybrid IT infrastructure spectrum. No specialized hardware required.
Flexible Ownership Perpetual or subscription licenses, with software as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise deployment options.
Integrated Expert Analysis Provides full stack insight into DNS, HTTP, SQL, CIFS/SMB, Citrix and other leading protocols and their components — without resorting to time-consuming packet analysis.

All of these benefits emanate from Skylight’s extremely efficient and powerful metadata construction, which leads to the industry’s best monitoring solution TCO.

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