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A third of enterprises have experienced a service level agreement (SLA) breach with their WAN service providers in the past year, and only 52% of enterprises monitor SLA compliance to begin with (according a 2016 survey by Enterprise Management Associates). SLA performance violations translate to employees and customers being unable to access applications and services. Productivity drops and revenue is lost.

Yet most enterprises now rely heavily on on cloud and WAN links, continuing to increase the number of remote sites connected in this way.

This reality is accepted only because enterprises don’t have have the right metrics or visibility to effectively diagnose and resolve issues with these connections.

  • Service providers, which deliver “the pipes,” speak the language of network quality of service (QoS)—OSI Layer 2-3 KPI monitoring and tests.
  • Enterprises, which need to pinpoint the source of service issues, speak the language of application quality of experience (QoE)—OSI Layer 4-7 KPI monitoring.

Enterprises often use multiple carriers and WAN technologies, exacerbating this visibility gap.

Accedian’s carrier-grade solutions provide missing metrics (such as one-way delay, packet loss, and jitter; and ultra high definition, subsecond visibility into traffic patterns in any VLAN) and tools to help enterprises understand network behavior by confirming carrier WAN test results.