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Every day, enterprises depend on a reliable, fast network. Traditional passive monitoring solutions focus on layers 4-7, providing a holistic view of network performance based on data collected over a period of time from flow-based devices, or packet data in and out of the data center. This approach is necessary, but overlooks the ‘state of the network.’

  • Service providers, which deliver “the pipes,” speak the language of network quality of service (QoS)—OSI Layer 2-3 KPI monitoring and tests.
  • Enterprises, which need to pinpoint the source of service issues, speak the language of application quality of experience (QoE)—OSI Layer 4-7 KPI monitoring.

Enterprises often use multiple carriers and WAN technologies, exacerbating this visibility gap.

Accedian’s carrier-grade, active performance monitoring solution complements traditional approaches with:

  • Missing metrics, including one-way delay, packet loss, jitter, and network bursting capabilities
  • Highly granular (microseconds vs. minutes timescale) and precise measurements
  • Subsecond visibility into traffic patterns in any VLAN
  • End-to-end view of all circuits, for all providers
  • Network segmentation

These tools help enterprises detect micro-outages, bursts, and other impairments that would otherwise remain invisible; and understand network behavior by confirming carrier WAN test results. In short, enterprises gain full, 24/7 visibility of their IT infrastructure in real time.