Packet Broker

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Collecting and analyzing network packet data (OSI Layers 2-7) is vital to managing network and application performance (NPM / APM), and to intrusion detection systems (IDS). However, today’s packet brokering solutions are too expensive and complex to widely deploy across large networks with many branch offices.

Accedian’s innovative FlowBROKER™ solution – the SkyLIGHT™ FBX – virtualizes packet broker functionality to remotely capture and deliver wire data to analyzers installed in central sites.

When combined with SkyLIGHT PVX’s unified network and application performance management, enterprises can now monitor their entire IT infrastructure without gaps, achieving a complete view of every business critical application chain.

Enterprise FlowBROKER™ Applications:

  • NPM / APM using SkyLIGHT™ PVX
  • VoIP / Video / Teleconference QoE
  • Application Performance Monitoring (DPI)
  • Security / IDS – extending visibility, increasing detection surface area