Packet Broker

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Collecting and analyzing network packet data (OSI Layers 3-7) is vital to monitoring application performance and to intrusion detection at the very edge of enterprise networks—specifically, remote offices. However, today’s packet brokering solutions were not built for this purpose, and are too expensive to deploy at branch office locations.

What’s needed is a low-cost solution to capture this important network packet data at the network edge and reliably transport it to chosen DPI analyzers for inspection.

When married with the right data, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a powerful tool for enterprises to gain more focused insight into WAN and cloud link connection issues causing SLA violations. Ideally, DPI analyzers would see every packet, for each flow of interest, at all key locations, as it happens. The “right data” is complete, focused, localized, and time-stamped.

But, traditional packet brokering is restricted to core network applications because of compute power needed, the expensive of integrating it with typical router/switch products, and lack of reliable transfer methods for getting data from distributed locations to centralized analyzer systems.

Accedian’s innovative, elegant FlowBROKER™ solution inverts these principles to bring the ‘right’ data to analyzers, wherever they may be located. When combined with the most granular, precise network monitoring available, enterprises can now monitor all factors that define the user experience, with a single solution.

Enterprise FlowBROKER™ Applications:

  • VoIP / Video / Teleconference QoE
  • Application Performance Monitoring (DPI)
  • Security / IDS – extending visibility, increasing detection surface area