User experience at the edge: performance monitoring and assurance for the network edge

5G networks are coming, and with them will come massive changes to the number and type of devices connected to the network.

Not only will the current range of devices – smartphones, tablets, PCs, watches and servers – experience improved 5G performance, a whole range of new devices – industrial machines, appliances, and many other devices – will also connect to the network. This influx of connections means that performance management and security will become increasingly important and more complex! However, not all of these new devices will be as smart as smart phones and tablets because of the cost, making performance monitoring and security even more complicated.

To manage the performance of all these new network edge devices, a wide range of monitoring capabilities are needed – and that’s just what Skylight delivers. For cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and smart edge devices, Skylight gathers performance and end user experience data from low cost or limited function edge devices in the network, combining it into a unified picture for the most comprehensive performance and security visibility.

Skylight provides a combination of low cost inline hardware and software to gather performance and security data, from the core to the edge. See how Skylight can provide you with a complete performance and security picture – from the edge, through the fog, across the cloud, and to your on-premises data center.

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