Who is EASI?

EASI is a leading IT company specialized in SaaS and critical hosting services. This 100% Belgian-owned cloud provider is growing fast and counting nearly 200 collaborators. EASI’s focus is on controlling the end-to-end delivery of cloud services to ensure the highest possible quality of service for its customers. This requires both developing services based on its own infrastructure and investing in tools that guarantee constant optimization, proactive management and short resolution times.

Cloud hosting monitoring

At the same time, SkyLIGHT PVX is used to monitor the customers accessing their cloud hosting; the 225 cloud customers are continuously monitored by PVX to provide our team with a visibility on the performance of what’s running inside our cloud. This data is accessible for troubleshooting, managing migrations and providing monitoring KPIs.

Why did you choose Accedian SkyLIGHT PVX?

Our team discovered Accedian at one of our customers, a major healthcare organization based in Brussels who uses Accedian to resolve issues and optimize their end-to-end performance.

Our team had also tested alternative tools and solutions on the market, but we had not but we had not been successful at tracking down the fault on the server/ application sides. When the project got launched, we decided to test Performance Vision and found all the information we needed during the first day.

EASI is offering strict SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to its customers which require our team to continuously look for ways to improve our quality of service, proactiveness and response times.
We felt a solution like Accedian’s could help us increase our team’s effectiveness in both:

  • Monitoring the hosting operations of customer systems inside our data center: in this case, our expectation was to immediately identify the origin of the problem (our infrastructure, or the customer’s application and network link to our data center)
  • Monitoring our Software-as-a-Service platform (where we are in charge of 100% of the delivery and SLAs are even tighter).

At that time, we were facing a long lasting intermittent slowness for one customer using one of our SaaS applications, where it had so far been impossible to locate the origin of the problem (network, data center infrastructure or application). After 6 weeks of unsuccessful investigations with our classical monitoring and troubleshooting tools (SNMP, logs, Wireshark for trace analysis), we installed Accedian for a test. After a few hours, we had installed and figured out what the root cause was.

How do you use it?

For EASI’s SaaS Platform

  • For our own systems, SkyLIGHT PVX is used by different teams: • Our system engineering team implemented and managed the SkyLIGHT PVX solution. They are leading any troubleshooting or analysis related to our network and cloud infrastructure;
  • Our development team also undertakes some analysis directly on SkyLIGHT PVX’s interface to feed their optimization efforts and pinpoints the transactions that require their attention and could be refactored.
    PVX is used in pre- and post-release stages for tens of SaaS applications to:
  • Baseline the response times, volume and activity of the applications;
  • Evaluate the impact of any change made to the application (run in DevOps mode);
  • Pinpoint any bottleneck or error occurring in production.

Results and ROI

For EASI, PVX is more than just a software provider, they act like a partner and we love their transparent and pragmatic approach as well as their focus on making the growth EASI’s business easy.

They provide us with a platform that integrates a software which is easy to implement, absolutely non-intrusive, scalable and fitted for cloud environments. They also focus on training and supporting our team so that we are able to deliver high standard services to our customers.

Accedian is more than just a software provider, they act like a partner and we love their transparent and pragmatic approach as well as their focus on making the growth EASI’s business easy.

Jean-Michael Block, Managing Partner at EASI

How do you plan on using it in the future?

SkyLIGHT PVX is not only available as a solution but as an on- demand platform for IT Service Providers. Based on that positive experience, we are building a flexible service offering which can be deployed on premises to help our customers accelerate troubleshooting, assess their IT network and cloud infrastructure and prepare their migration to the cloud.
We strongly believe this high value service will ease the transition of many end users from classical data center operations to EASI’s cloud!