Case Studies


Faymonville, with nearly 1,000 employees around the world, is a global manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers for the specialty transport (e.g., glass and concrete transport) and heavy-duty haulage industry (i.e., trailers from 15 to 15,000 tons). The company also offers repair and maintenance services, new and used vehicle sales, replacement parts, and financing.

Business Issue

The company’s business operations and its ability to transact business, and quickly respond to customer and user requests, are highly dependent on an IT infrastructure and network available around the clock without disruption. Because the IT infrastructure is distributed across three main sites in different countries (i.e., ranging from industrial design to business management), it is critical that the WAN operates without degradation under heavy utilization. This is because data is constantly being replicated between multiple sites (i.e., for security reasons). Network and application degradations, slow downs, or downtime are not options in this mission-critical environment.

After three years of use, the results are very positive. In addition to savings associated with increased productivity within the IT team and the decrease in performance degradations for business teams, Skylight helped save us the expense of a WAN capacity upgrade and increased telecom costs.

Roland Fuhrmann, ICT Manager

Solution Benefits

Faymonville, through Skylight™, now has a 360° visibility and performance monitoring solution.

With the company facing internal and external complaints regarding application and network performance, and without an ability to quickly, easily, and efficiently identify and troubleshoot the problems, Faymonville required a network and application performance management (NAPM) solution that:

  • Offers proactive performance monitoring of the network, applications, and web services, measuring critical application performance such as end-user experience
  • Shortens resolution time with significant ROI savings
  • Identifies and pinpoints problem points of origin quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoots network issues (e.g., latency, congestion, retransmission rates)

Business Value and ROI

Since the Skylight solution was deployed, the company has achieved or surpassed its key business objectives.

ROI Value: high availability achieved, reducing loss of productivity and accelerating resolution times

  • Real-time, 360° visibility into network and application performance, which drives shorter resolution times, optimizes productivity, and ensures 24/7/365 availability of business-critical applications.
  • Moved from inadequate,simple SNMP monitoring products to a more fully robust performance monitoring solution that offered proactive management, detailed historical analysis and trending, and actionable insights to optimize the user experience.
  • Limited WAN capacity necessitated better control and management of traffic flows, anticipation of congestion, and preparation for adverse consequences. The IT department now has the control it needs to better manage both network and application performance through Skylight as all IT department members have access to the solution at all times.
  • Ease of use and highly intuitive graphical interface (dashboards) helped facilitate resolution across a variety of key issues: Citrix performance degradation (due to PDM/PLM application bandwidth capacity during peak business hours); file synchronization configurations interference with business operations: and planning software application chain consolidation across multiple sites.