Founded in 2003, Indexis is an independent metering company for the Belgian energy market. The company collects, processes, and distributes metering data from seven million meters (i.e., approximately seventy percent of the Belgian market), distributing consumption and master data to key market parties. The company’s IT infrastructure is distributed over two data centers and includes over 200 servers, which are predominantly virtualized.

Business Issue

Even though Indexis has already invested in existing network and application performance monitoring (NAPM) tools, the company felt it needed a more robust solution that delivered broader functionality. The new solution would need to scale accordingly, work with a more fully-virtualized data center, and offer more intuitive access to troubleshooting data.

I would recommend Skylight to any IT manager in charge of critical architecture. It improves our efficiency, helps deliver better service every day, and guides us to the right decisions.

Henrik Adriaensen, AMR Manager

Solution Benefits

By implementing the Skylight™ solution, Indexis was able to:

  • Accelerate the diagnosis and repair of performance degradations
  • Gain real-time visibility by proactively monitoring critical systems and applications
  • Analyze usage and performance trends across multiple time periods
  • Share data with other teams (systems, applications) for optimizing performance
  • Optimize migrations and change management by leveraging network usage information to facilitate network device configurations

Business Value and ROI

Since the solution was put in place, Indexis has achieved or surpassed all business objectives and targets.

  • Within minutes, it is able to identify and diagnose where server bottlenecks and slowdowns are occurring. For example, a virtual port channel misconfiguration or problems with traffic routing.
  • In another example specific to a name resolution service, one server requested the same DNS resolution 40,000 times per hour (i.e., to access its database server); within minutes, with Skylight, the DNS cache configuration was fixed and performance improved dramatically.
  • Skylight offers an extended scope of analysis by providing performance metrics and transaction-level information beyond HTTP and SQL. It retains troubleshooting information for 72 hours vs. 30 minutes with the former solution.
  • Skylight provides superior return on investment compared to competitive solutions.