Case Studies

Spie Batignolles

Founded in 1846, Spie Batignolles SA is a multinational French construction company serving the European market. With annual revenues greater than two billion euros, and more than 8,000 employees, Spie Batignolles offers the following: general construction contracting services; finishing services; internal fit-out services; and painting services. The company also provides electrical engineering solutions, civil engineering services, and maintenance services.

Business Issue

With over 3,500 active end-users accessing the network and networked applications, the company saw a rise in end-user response time (EURT) issues as well as the stress placed on the IT infrastructure. Spie Batignolles also went through a number of significant migrations and architectural changes specific to its data center, including complete replacement of its storage infrastructure and an internal message system migration to Office 365.

With Skylight, we have transitioned from reactive to proactive performance management. The solution has allowed us to achieve our goal of providing an improved quality of service (QoS) to our end-users.

Thomas Germain, Chief Information Officer

Solution Benefits

By implementing the Skylight™ solution, Spie Batignolles was able to:

  • Improve EURT, ensuring expedited network and application performance for its end-users
  • Gain real-time, wide angle visibility by proactively monitoring critical systems and applications
  • Optimize data center migrations and IT architectural changes by assessing and monitoring network and application performance before, during, and after migrations
  • Measure and analyze quantifiable benefits derived from application delivery and migration projects

Business Value and ROI

Since the solution was put in place, Spie Batignolles has achieved some key business objectives and targets.

  • Elevate the end-user experience (EuE) throughout the entire enterprise by reducing bottlenecks and degradations
  • Quicker response from IT administrators and management in addressing performance or latency issues by leveraging Skylight’s easy-to-use and intuitive dashboards
  • The rollout of the Skylight solution allowed for full visibility across multiple locations and a distributed infrastructure, generating a significant return on investment