Case Studies

VINCI Immobilier

Created by the merger of two VINCI Group real-estate subsidiaries, VINCI Immobilier is a real estate development company specializing in both commercial and residential real estate for both individual and institutional investors. For over 20 years, with more than 400 employees and 13 offices, the company has been recognized as a leader in development operations, property management and consulting, and managed residences (senior and student). Vinci Immobilier’s IT infrastructure is critical to the company’s business productivity; over 500 users–including employees, suppliers, and contractors–are heavily using applications for their daily operations (for example, they have more than two million documents in the SharePoint platform and rely on the Microsoft Outlook and Lync Messenger to maintain communication between local and remote employees).

Business Issue

Due to 24/7/365 mission-critical application usage by its employees, and the large amount of data–namely documents moving through the network supporting business transactions, the company’s success and business productivity was highly dependent on its network to deliver real-time access with no degradations or downtime.

Skylight is a solution that requires little configuration work while providing a lot of relevant information! After a few hours of configuration only, we had a complete status report every two hours for the network and the user experience of our six most critical applications.

Gérard Willemme, IT Operations Director

Solution Benefits

VINCI Immobilier, through Skylight™ now has a 360° visibility and performance monitoring solution that:

  • Offers proactive performance monitoring of the network, applications, and Web services, measuring critical application performance such as end-user experience
  • Shortens resolution time with significant ROI savings
  • Identifies and pinpoints the fault domain and problem point of origin quickly and easily
  • Troubleshoots network issues (e.g., latency, congestion, retransmission rates)

Business Value and ROI

Since the Skylight solution was implemented, the organization has achieved or surpassed its key business objectives.

ROI Value: high availability achieved, reducing loss of productivity, improved brand equity, and revenue generation

  • Real-time, 360° visibility into network and application performance, which drives shorter resolution times, optimizes productivity, and ensure 24/7/365 availability of 15 critical applications, 80 servers, 15 connected branch offices, and related Web services.
  • Initial step in securing complete, proactive, end-to-end performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of database servers at the SQL query level (via full transactional decode) drives expedited problem resolution without the need to find or hire external skills to mitigate.