Solution Briefs

Skylight Powered Security for Splunk

Increased threats. Ultimate control.

Skylight powered Security for Splunk rapidly provides the critical insights needed to detect advanced, targeted cyber breaches and other evasive attacks that are notably more difficult for organizations to find and prevent.

Skylight Powered Security for Splunk features include:

  • Scalability with visibility coverage of your entire digital landscape with no perimeter
  • Metadata-based: lightweight storage, no mirrored telemetry network needed
  • Application-aware (full-stack visibility from Layer 2 to Layer 7)
  • High definition resolution with microsecond detection granularity delivered in 1-minute reporting intervals, with 100% of decoded transactions captured
  • Throughput greater than 10 Gpbs
  • Economically viable and operationally feasible to deploy
  • Rule-less deployment of Skylight sensors – no configuration required to capture 100% of TCP/IP flows and protocol transactions