SDxCentral Webinar – Get the Oomph Out of SD-WAN: Enriching the Intelligent Edge With Application QoE Visibility

Featured Speaker
Michael Rezek
VP Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

The benefits of SD-WAN are promising — so promising, that according to a survey conducted by IDC, two-thirds of enterprise organizations surveyed expressed that they will be deploying SD-WAN within the next two years.

But with these new, dynamic architectures, how are you planning to ensure that your organization will make the most of this promising approach to connectivity? Do you have a plan in place to go beyond the QoS provided by SD-WAN solutions to achieve complete end-to-end application QoE and assurance?

In this webinar, we will dive into how SD-WAN providers on the market today typically provide adequate methods to identify applications and monitor how they perform over the WAN, providing insight into Quality of Service (QoS) measurements for application performance.

However, the key indicator of user and customer satisfaction is application QoE, along with additional critical performance metrics such as server response time, delay, and round trip time, among many others. Tracking QoE and the entire TCP delivery transaction chain is required to truly understand how an end user or customer is actually experiencing the application or service.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How typical SD-WAN solutions today provide QoS measurements in an attempt to gauge end user and customer experience
  • Why QoE and deeper performance metrics around network performance, application delivery and application transaction delay are key to understanding true customer and end user experience
  • How Accedian’s SkyLIGHT PVX goes beyond QoS measurement, providing unparalleled visibility into the entire TCP transaction delivery chain across enterprises, data centers, and public clouds
  • How you easily gain deep insight into true end user application QoE while also gaining the ability to quickly determine the root cause of degradation and troubleshoot problems proactively

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