How to Cost-Effectively Extract and Transform Live Wire Data

Featured Speaker
Mike Canney
Enterprise Business Development, North America, Accedian

Over the past 28 years, Mike has helped 100's of companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues. Mike has also developed coursework and taught engineers how to identify, remediate, and prevent network and application issues by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level. Mike has been a guest speaker at many industry shows such as Networld Interop, Wireshark "Sharkfest" and Cisco Networkers/Live throughout the United States on the topic of application performance analysis.

Finding a way to reliably and cost-effectively capture all traffic and transform it into actionable insight, can be challenging. Garland Technology and Accedian partner to provide a monitoring solution that solves this problem. Garland Technology’s high performance network taps and advanced Aggregators can deliver a complete copy of network traffic to Accedian’s Skylight sensors, which transforms the raw traffic into end user experience insights.

Join us for this webinar to learn about and see a live demo of how the Skylight uses traffic from Garland Technology network taps to provide network QoS and end user experience visibility, as well as explore root causes of network and application performance degradations.

Topics covered:

  • Connectivity best practices
  • See every bit, byte and packet with taps and Aggregators
  • How to scale and stream packets directly to your network sensors
  • How to deliver network QoS and end user experience visibility

Speaker from Garland Technology:

Ben Cohen, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering
In this role, Ben focuses on larger architectural considerations that often present challenges with network visibility such as resilience, interoperability, and integration into the data center topology. Prior to Garland, Ben has delivered DDoS, WAF, and other security solutions to protect large IT environments.