Micro Detail. Macro Intelligence.

Featured Speaker
Tom Foottit
Senior Director of Product Line Management, Accedian

As Senior Director, Product Management at Accedian, Tom Foottit is responsible for our product strategy, applying extensive knowledge of telecom industry software development to solve real-world problems in the software-defined network (SDN), cloud, and enterprise IT digital transformation spaces. He has more than two decades of product line management, systems engineering and R&D experience, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Carleton University.

Why granular, high quality data is critical for optimal end-user experience in the 5G era.

Diving deep into the details at ultra-granular levels to confirm and identify root cause of any network issues will become even more critical as the move to KPI-driven revenues from network slices and requirement-sensitive services move to the forefront – high-quality, granular data will be king.

During this webinar, discover how this data also drives accuracy, decision-making and business planning at the macro level.

Backed by Intel processing power, the range of Accedian hardware- and software-based performance sensors fit any network topology and use case, from deep in the mobile backhaul to business-critical applications running in the cloud.

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