Accedian Skylight’s metadata drives complete visibility

Full visibility is important. Especially for performance and security in today’s complex IT environments.

But, sometimes full visibility can’t be achieved because of the complexity, a lack of access, or excessive costs.

That’s why Accedian developed Skylight. Skylight captures 100% of the network traffic, wherever it is⁠—in the cloud, in data centers, in hybrid environments, or at the edge.

It then converts that traffic into high density metadata that provides high-definition visibility for every network or cloud environment, every business-critical application, and every single transaction in any IT environment. Skylight metadata is the power source behind precision performance monitoring and detecting evolving threats.

And it is also the foundation for 300-900% lower total cost of ownership.

Network traffic is the source of truth for performance and end user experience, but capturing and retaining all the network transactions across highly distributed global networks is thought to be impossible.

Skylight metadata makes it possible to provide complete visibility. Anywhere. Any time. And at a cost you can afford.

Experience the power of Skylight metadata today.