Accedian’s Skylight powered Security app, next-gen IDS for Splunk, the first vendor app in Splunk Security Essentials

Splunk and Accedian have partnered to help you keep your business secure

The #1 goal of Splunk Security Essentials (SSE) is to help you find the best content. Splunk Security Essentials ships with 120+ correlation searches spanning from basic SIEM to detecting advanced adversaries and everything is mapped to the Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK.

And now, unique security use cases from Accedian, leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection and end user experience solutions, are also available as an add-on in Splunk Security Essentials.

Accedian is the FIRST external source provider available with Security Essentials, and we are very proud to share our expertise with the Splunk community and help organizations improve their security posture.

To read more about Accedian’s Skylight powered Security app for Splunk and all the features and benefits, check out this blog from my colleague Andrii.

So, why should I try the free Skylight powered Security app download?

I’m guessing you came here because you care about security in your company?

Maybe you have been hacked! No? Are you sure?

Try to ask your CISO or IT Director—a lack of security alerts doesn’t mean you are secure, it only means that you have visibility over the specific security use cases you are currently trying to keep an eye on. The good news? We can help you cover everything else!

You may already have an antivirus solution or firewall. The questions you may need to ask yourself are “What are my blind spots? Where I am not looking? What visibility am I missing?”

Hackers these days are becoming more and more creative. Often they manage to bypass antivirus and hide within the perimeter, impacting organizations for months before the havoc they are wrecking inside becomes too great to too impactful to ignore. Imagine all the losses that have occurred before that sneaky intruder is no longer hidden (hint, they are BIG losses!).

But every attack needs to go through the wire. This is where Accedian’s Skylight powered Security comes in: it gives you full visibility over your network traffic and detects suspicious activity within the perimeter—something that firewalls and other security gateways can not detect or see.

Skylight powered Security provides the data and visibility needed to detect real-time suspicious, malicious and anomalous behaviors. Accedian’s Skylight solution also powers a Next-Generation Intrusion Detection-as-a-Service managed service offering that not only provides information about cyber-attacks, but also provides the answers and actions to stop attackers that are already in your network.

Example dashboard from Accedian's Skylight powered Security app for Splunk showing alerts, the attack kill chain, and connections geographies for destination IP address
Example dashboard from Accedian’s Skylight powered Security app for Splunk showing alerts, the attack kill chain, and connections geographies for destination IP address

Skylight powered Security for Splunk puts the power to secure your environment back into your hands, and provides you with the following benefits:

  • Visibility over the dark space of your network – catch what your security gateways are not seeing
  • Anomaly detection – get 50+ unique correlation rules that cover basic to sophisticated adversary scenarios
  • Event correlation – correlate events to help you save your most important assets from the bad actors
  • Suggested next investigation steps help you decide if an issue is a true threat

Want to get full visibility of your network now?

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