WAN Analytics

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Beyond the realm of standard capacity planning, enterprises need network assurance tools that focus on granular visibility into bandwidth utilization for optimization purposes–expanding the utility of deep packet inspection (DPI).

This includes tools to:

  • Identify the location of network bottlenecks
  • Verifying whether the service provider is fulfilling contracted service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Troubleshoot issues with WAN throughput, latency, delay, and jitter
  • Confirm availability and performance of quality of service (QoS) throughout the network, and whether carrier links are supporting QoS as expected
  • Stress test the network to expose hidden problems and prevent issues when new apps are deployed
  • Ensure that the network is capable of supporting current or future requirements.

SkyLIGHT complements traditional performance monitoring approaches by allowing enterprises to quickly pinpoint the root cause of performance issues, and determine who is responsible for resolving them.

For example, enterprises can use SkyLIGHT to:

  • Determine how much bandwidth is being used (with FlowMETER) and identify which traffic is using excess bandwidth (with FlowBROKER™)
  • Use multiple KPIs to determine root cause of performance issues, such as correlating throughput issues with increased packet loss and delay
  • Generate test traffic in a controlled manner to validate performance
  • Simulate specific traffic types to pinpoint whether a problem is related to network performance or the server handling the request