Accedian, a leading provider of end-to-end network performance management solutions, makes its first appearance in the flagship industry report

Note that Accedian is cited in the Quadrant under the “Accedian (Performance Vision)” brand. Performance Vision (PV) was acquired by Accedian in early 2018. Accedian’s active testing solutions (VCX) and PV’s solutions are now fully integrated in the SkyLIGHT suite.

Accedian is the first monitoring vendor combining full stack, active and passive approaches to NPMD unified by analytics – allowing our customers to reveal the complex relationships between network and application performance in order to anticipate and resolve QoE degradations faster than ever before. Only Accedian offers a unified view of network health (QoS) and end-to-end application performance (QoE), across physical and virtual infrastructure, from branch office into the public cloud, and to and across data centers.

Accedian’s SkyLIGHT PVX offers a new approach to NPM/APM, simplifying ease of use, providing universal coverage over physical, virtual, and SDN infrastructures, and complementing real-time, transaction-level visibility into true end-user experience with the ability to isolate faults instantly (network, application, server, …) and then quickly and intuitively drill down for root cause analysis.

SkyLIGHT PVX is fast to set-up and use, responding to the market’s demand for simplified tools for complex infrastructure monitoring, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), while also breaking down IT team silos and boosting collaboration across organizations. making its insights accessible to all IT departments as a hub for collaboration.

Read the full report to learn how the NPMD market is evolving to bring simpler solutions to market that provide greater insight into virtualized, cloud, and SDN infrastructure, enabling a smooth path for digital transformation.