The rise of network complexity

Service providers face a challenging landscape. They need to make the right moves to navigate, survive, and prosper.
It’s nothing less than the biggest shift telecom has ever seen.

Though faster, the path between the service provider and subscriber has become winding, unpredictable, and harder to control


The dramatic uptake of cloud computing and multi-device mobility collide to create a communications web that grows more complex every day.

Increased Diversity increased density

tighter performance specs

As networks strain to keep up, they must also become thousands of times faster, more responsive, and resilient, or subscribers will leave. Loyalty will be lost in the blink of an eye.

LTE/LTE-A Specs are Very Tight 5G Demands Thousands of Times Better

LTE table specs

Sub-par performance results in outages

User Experience On the Line

User Experience

Every millisecond counts*

Experience ● Performance™

Accedian dramatically improves network visibility
to drive a new level of user experience.

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