Cable MSO Market: Strategies and Business Models

What’s new in the cable MSO market? Strategies and business-model moves include using software-defined networking (SDN) to integrate OSS and BSS, continued investment in DOCSIS, finding a path toward an all-IP future, competing in a shrinking pay-TV market, figuring out how to realistically move forward with “deep fiber,” and teaming up with partners to become full-fledged wireless providers. 

Can SDN help service providers build a better bundle?
With the pendulum swinging back toward unlimited data plans and bundles during 2017, it’s clear cable MSOs and other service providers need more flexibility for their network billing and operational support systems. OSS and BSS integration using SDN and NFV could be the answer. | RCR Wireless News article

Why DOCSIS May Never Die
Although some major MSOs have plans to go all-fiber over the next few years, most large cable operators (like Charter and Liberty Global) see the new DOCSIS 3.1 spec as a means to deliver gigabit services. | Light Reading article

IP Video Not Yet a Slam-Dunk for Cable
Although market forces are pushing cable MSOs toward an all-IP future, a variety of factors are making that transition somewhat haphazard. Some operators are zooming ahead toward all-IP while others are struggling with the business case for it. | Light Reading article

Cable Gaining in a Shrinking Pay-TV World
Cable MSOs are increasing their share of the pay-TV market, even as that market continues to shrink. Competing over the long-term, though, will become more difficult as OTT streaming video grows and ‘skinny’ bundles gather steam. | Light Reading article

FTTH No Slam Dunk for Cable
In the gigabit era, many cable operators are adopting a “fiber deep” strategy. But, that doesn’t translate to massive fiber-to-the-home deployments. One reason is lack of technicians trained to install fiber. | Light Reading article

Cable Sees Wireless Opps in Partners, Smart Services
The best bet cable MSOs have to become full-fledges wireless providers is to work with partners, focusing first on smart home and smart city services. | Light Reading article