Trending: Network Performance News This Week, May 1-7, 2016

This week’s roundup of telecom news touches on several aspects of the transformation underway in the communications network market. This includes the learning curve of operators as they adopt network functions virtualization (NFV), how NFV and software defined networking (SDN) promise to make networks better and more profitable, the pesky details involved with deploying virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE), the importance of analytics for voice over LTE (VoLTE), what it takes to test an abstracted network, and the emerging role of the telco cloud. 

Operators challenged by NFV business model, but learning

As NFV and SDN deployments challenge the very foundations of network operator business models, carriers are quickly learning from the transformation process what works and what doesn’t. RCR Wireless article

SDN and NFV for Network Automation – Promises of Network Transformation
The promise of network transformation through SDN and NFV goes beyond orchestration, reaching into problem diagnosis and real-time demand response, using analytics and monitoring. SDxCentral article
Virtualizing CPE: The Devil is in the DetailsDeploying vCPE has the potential to costs, improve margins, and boost service innovation. Just beware how all the details fit together. Telecom Ramblings article

With analytics, VoLTE leverages real-time, end-to- end network and service assurance
To deliver a good quality voice experience with VoLTE, operators need a robust monitoring, troubleshooting, and analytics strategy. RCR Wireless video and article
Testing When There’s No ‘There’ There
How do you test a network that’s abstracted, with the potential to be endlessly reconfigurable? Light Reading video
Reader Forum: How the telco cloud will forever change the communications business
The days of services providers relying on wireless service to offset declines in landline voice… they’re coming to an end. A new approach is needed: telco cloud. RCR Wireless article