Trending: Network Performance News This Week, April 24-30, 2016

This week’s roundup of telecom news focuses on two main topics: software-defined networking (SDN)/network functions virtualization (NFV), and Internet of Things (IoT): the role of NFV and SDN in network agility, the challenges posed by lack of definitive NFV/SDN standards, what it really costs to deploy NFV, why the focus should be on IoT services and less on ‘numbers,’ and what 5G means for IoT. Plus: a perspective on why devops matters to telecom. 

NFV And SDN: Enabling Agility
For decades, the networking industry has been obsessed with speeds and feeds. Today, though, the tricky part of scaling a network is management and orchestration. NetworkComputing article
Report: NFV and SDN standards remain challenge for operator deployments
Despite continuing questions about NFV and SDN standards, early adopter telecom operators are moving forward with limited commercial launches—leveraging a mix of vendor solutions and internal resources. RCRWireless article
NFV costs expectation gap
Traditional and VNF vendors, systems integrators, and operators have somewhat divergent expectations about the cost of NFV deployment. Core Analysis article

We need to spend more time thinking about IoT services and applications, less about numbers
Instead of getting all excited about new technologies for IoT, operators and vendors should spend more time thinking about applications and how to match them to technologies and services. TelecomTV video.

What does 5G mean for IoT?

What makes 5G and IoT so exciting? The realization that telecom operators need to involve verticals at an early stage as a way to understand their needs and get their input to shaping standards. TelecomTV video.

What is devops and why is it important for telecom?
Devops is becoming an important model for telecom operators looking to smooth the way during the transition to virtualized platforms. RCRWireless article