What’s Holding Operators Back from Delivering Fast, Reliable Services?

On the face of it, the situation is pretty simple: customers want fast and reliable communications services, and providers want to offer those. You’d think success here would be pretty straightforward.

And it would, except for some pesky little details like the complexities of optimizing existing network infrastructure, and market dynamics that put increasing pressure on revenue margins. So what does it actually take to achieve effective network planning and optimization, especially in the face of increasing data demands from services like 4k and 8k video? Vanilla+ attempts to answer that in a recent article, “Are you failing to plan or planning to fail?” (Sept/Oct issue, page 54.) 

In a nutshell, operators are between a rock and a hard space. Customers demand better, more reliably connected service. Bandwidth is getting increasingly scarce. Profit margins are very tight.

The long and the short of it is that network performance remains a foundational element of operators’ competitive advantage. But, to support the demands being placed on their networks and continue running financially sustainable businesses, they must adopt carefully thought-out strategies for service assurance.

One such strategy is to use virtualized platforms with scalable network performance and quality of experience (QoE) assurance tools, integrated with big data, analytics, software-defined networking (SDN) control, and network functions virtualization (NFV) orchestration systems.

“This provides a real-time feedback loop that sees the state of each network slice, and can optimise each—and the individual users’ experience against allowed policies—without human interaction,” explained Accedian VP of Strategic Marketing, Scott Sumner, in the Vanilla+ article.

Other conclusions in the Vanilla+ article:

  • Subscribers and service providers both benefit from a properly optimized network
  • Service providers are focusing on predicting potential service issues before they occur
  • Using a scalable network performance approach makes it possible to create a real-time feedback loop that sees the state of each network slice
  • Analytics are quite useful for delivering insights that can improve networks, operator business success, and the user experience

Read the full article here.