Business Goals

Cloud to Edge Visibility

Accedian’s SkyLIGHT™ reduces customer premises hardware to the minimum, striking the perfect balance between precision and agility. It’s a proven cloud-to-edge visibility solution.

Lightweight, NFV-powered hardware SkyLIGHT modules outperform customer-premises software and legacy network elements alike, at a fraction of their cost. Centrally managed by, these modules deliver precise, resilient, business-critical connectivity, creating a solid foundation for virtualized functions to perform at their best.

SkyLIGHT unifies cloud-to-edge visualization, reporting, monitoring, remote packet capture, inventory, and fault management—with open interfaces to existing network management, analytics, SDN control, and B/OSS systems.

Using the SkyLIGHT as a cloud-to-edge visibility solution means providers can deliver assured SLAs, and take advantage of all virtualization has to offer, without compromising performance.