Case Studies

SK Telecom Achieves SDN-Controlled Performance Visibility Using Accedian Solution

Nationwide Operator Achieves End-to-End Performance Visibility for SDN-Controlled Mobile Network Using Accedian Solution

The ability to reliably assure quality of service (QoS) and customer quality of experience (QoE) is a competitive requirement for today’s mobile network operators (MNOs), who rely on performance as a key differentiator. But, although end-to-end performance visibility is crucial, but hard to achieve over multi-vendor networks.

SK Telecom overcame this challenge by deploying Accedian solutions over 12,00 sites as a first phase, to realize a standards-based, network performance assurance solution capable of providing end-to-end QoS and QoE visibility across a sophisticated, SDN controlled mobile network serving 28 million subscribers.


  • Proactively mitigate risks to the customer experience
  • Optimize LTE network and reduce QoS impact by detecting traffic bursts
  • Locate bottlenecks to improve overall network capacity
  • Immediately identify and correct any network misconfigurations
  • Optimize fault failover to eliminate downtime

Our definition of success in SDN and NFV deployments is to use a wide range of hardware instead of vendor-specific appliances, while remaining heavily focused on QoS and QoE—Quality of Experience—for the customer. To reach that level of network traffic sophistication you have to have analytics in place to understand what is going to happen in your network, track and analyze this data, and use it to provide and manage QoS.

Ashish Singh, GM/VP Products, SK 


  • Ability to predict and mitigate future failures
  • Tools to proactively assure and optimize QoS and QoE even under adverse conditions 
  • Per-flow measurements for microsecond precision
  • Ultra-granular sub-second sampling
  • One-way measurements
  • Integration into existing management and orchestration systems

Accedian Solutions:

Accedian SkyLIGHT Performance Platform, Accedian Nano Smart SFP Modules