vCPE Solutions for Business Services

The virtual CPE is not an elusive dream, it’s a real, tangible approach to simplifying business services deployment, cutting costly CapEx and OpEx, and eliminating unnecessary equipment at the customer premise. This video explores the vCPE – what it is and the components that make it work.

Service providers often refer to the virtualization of functions performed at the CP as a ‘virtual CPE’ strategy. Although approaches and definitions vary, it’s clear that on-site, provider-owned equipment won’t completely vanish into the cloud. Some form of CPE is required to provide service demarcation, OAM and QoS mapping functions, and to deliver what ‘merchant silicon’ and software can’t deliver: precise packet time stamping for latency and delay variation measurements, scheduling for seamless test-traffic generation, traffic filtering and policing. In general, the vCPE implies virtualizing as many CPE functions as possible, replacing racks of equipment with the minimum hardware required to establish, monitor and maintain the service.