Partner Demo Snapshot: SkyLIGHT FlowBROKER and Sandvine Deliver VoLTE QoE Assurance

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Accedian and Sandvine discuss their partnership on a demo showing how deep packet inspection (DPI) and distributed packet capture can be used together to monitor VoLTE QoE anywhere in the network.

DPI analyzers like those Sandvine offerare typically deployed centrally in the network core. Accedian’s FlowBROKER™ solution moves the point of capture out to the RAN and network edge, for a comparative view of call quality closer to the user.

The MWC demo showed how FlowBROKER™, coupled with a DPI or QoE analyzer, can be used to capture and analyze application level data on a per user basis.

Beyond VoLTE, FlowBROKER™ has many performance assurance applications, including video, signaling, routing traffic.

This video includes commentary from Henrik Nydel, Senior Product Manager, Accedian and Nicolas St-Pierre, VP, Office of the CTO, Sandvine.