Accedian Networks’ integrated solutions allow service providers to tailor a combination of performance assurance and traffic conditioning for core-to-edge QoS visibility and optimization.

As services become more dynamic and evolve towards SDN architectures, controllers and virtual network functions (VNFs) become “performance-aware” by interfacing with Accedian’s Network State+™, a real-time stream of KPIs that reveals the current state of the network for every flow and every segment. With open multi-vendor, multi-platform integration, Accedian’s programmable solutions help service providers build an assured foundation for Performance-Optimized SDN networks. Open and modular, selected solution elements can be tailored to a provider’s needs, then later extended with Accedian and other industry-standard solutions.


An integrated mix of Performance Platforms, Elements, NFV-enhanced Modules and software agents are right-sized to cover any network from core-to-edge. Service providers gain unified, ubiquitous performance assurance and optimization that seamlessly interoperates and enhances their existing infrastructure.

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Performance assurance solutions that are open, programmable and fully functional in multi-vendor networks ease the strain on operators and multiply the benefits for all. Accedian embraces these 10 fundamental principles in all our solutions and innovations.

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Network State+™

Network State+™ is the most complete, current view of network and per-flow service health. Orchestrated performance monitoring between Actuators, Elements, Modules, multi-vendor standards-based reflectors and embedded software agents results in a multi-dimensional view of QoS that can be queried by reporting platforms, network management systems and SDN optimization apps.

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Dynamic Performance Optimization (DPO), is the insightful coordination of network Performance Awareness™ with Quality of Service (QoS) optimization. DPO delivers enhanced network utilization, traffic steering and per-flow performance optimization for small cells, business and financial services, cloud computing, content delivery networks, and other performance-critical applications.

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Performance Monitoring platforms and SDN optimization applications need persistent performance feedback. With an open API for real-time access, Accedian’s SkyLIGHT™ architecture uses network function virtualization (NFV) to synthesize and consolidate the complete Network State+™ from dedicated Network Performance Elements and virtualized instrumentation.

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