Why Accedian

Accedian virtualized its solutions in step with the rise of cloud compute. Having migrated from the physical to virtual, Accedian draws on the strength of each to deliver completely new forms of visibility.

SkyLIGHT™ virtualized instrumentation uniquely preserves the hallmark accuracy and granularity of Accedian hardware solutions, with innovation that elevates commercial servers to precision test instruments.

Using virtualization as a base, lightweight hardware can be strategically deployed to augment coverage where servers are unavailable, or insufficient.

Only Accedian offers microsecond precision, patented 1-way measurements, real-time granularity, remote packet capture, and exceptional scalability in a single, unified platform.

With solutions, support and services that span the globe, Accedian is a trusted advisor, and partner, helping enterprises and service providers run exceptional networks, and achieve a differentiated quality of experience.