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What not-yet-invented services will be the 5G cash cows? What technologies will be needed to support these 5G revenue streams?

Without full control over network and service performance, the entire premise of 5G (dramatically better customer experience thanks to superior capacity and ultra low latency) will come crashing down.

The virtualization of key network functions in 5G networks, along with distributed cloud network architectures, requires a radical upgrade to service and application performance monitoring and assurance. 5G demands performance management solutions that are dynamic, distributed and automated.

The 5G Performance Promise: How it Will be Delivered and Proved

5G was born out of uses cases: looking at what customers might need, and developing a set of specifications to deliver that. Now it’s time to actually make good on that promise.

In this video recorded during Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019, Mobile Europe and European Communications contributing editor Sarah Wray interviews Accedian Board of Directors member Stephen Pusey about the future of performance assurance for 5G applications and services.

Among other topics, they discuss the diversity of 5G services; the effect of network slicing; how to balance operational efficiency with personalized, on-demand services; what’s driving the rise in service operations centers (SOCs); and the need for high-quality data and automation to prove SLAs.

Take Control of the Edge

Claim an early lead in mobile edge cloud: read the Heavy Reading paper, “5G performance monitoring: Competitive Advantage at the Network Edge.” Drawing on interviews with over 100 mobile operators, the paper explores why control of access networks and distributed cloud assets can give operators a sustainable competitive advantage versus today’s “Cloud Kings.”

Mission-critical 5G services can benefit from edge cloud deployment. For these and other 5G services, customers will demand guaranteed service performance levels. To meet this demand, accurate, reliable and proactive network, application and service monitoring will become essential for operators.

- Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Mobile Infrastructure, Heavy Reading Download the white paper
Will the mobile edge cloud assets deliver a competitive advantage or not?

Take Control of 5G Customer Experience

With 5G, communications service providers (CSPs) are radically changing the customer experience from ‘best-effort mobile’ to proactively managing service quality in real time with automated processes to gain visibility into the end-to-end customer experience.

Visualize the 5G customer experience challenge: download 5G infographic, ‘Take Control of 5G Customer Experience’

In 5G we finally have the framework to define service experience monitoring as opposed to network health monitoring

- Claude Robitaille, CTO, Accedian Download the infographic

Take Control of 5G Performance Assurance

In the 5G world where new applications are hosted across a complex mix of hybrid public and private clouds, service providers must adopt radical new business models to derive new revenue streams. This potentially means developing services with enterprise and industry partners or a whole new set of technologies and processes, including:

  • Closed automation loops using AI algorithms trained by humans.
  • Full visibility into all layers, from network all the way to application Layer 7.
  • Cloud monitoring at the microservice and container level, using virtual software agents scaled dynamically and embedded directly by an orchestrator in service chains.

Understand how user experience and service assurance interrelate:

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