Cyber Resiliency Services

What you don’t know can hurt you

Reinforce your Cyber Resiliency program with adaptive, preventative methods

  • Easily close staff and skills gaps with proven experts and tools
  • Select comprehensive service bundles or à la carte options to suit your needs and budget
  • Jumpstart the organizational and cultural changes necessary to maintain business continuity
  • Take advantage of an award-winning delivery team recognized by Gartner (Top 10 Security Consulting Vendor) & Clutch (Top Cyber Security Company in 2020)

A virtual CISO can help you reduce risk, financial loss, and reputational damages

Cyber Resiliency is more than just deploying tools and SOCs responding to alerts, it requires a programmatic set of policies and practices.

A virtual CISO can help your organization gain the on-staff knowledge and expertise to assess, prevent, mitigate, and respond to possible security threats and breaches in a more cost-effective, immediate manner.

Understand your enemy: can you defend against a true hacker mindset?

  • Vulnerability Assessments assess perimeters and applications for potential vulnerabilities that could expose critical systems, data and financial assets
  • Pentesting combines the tools and techniques used by malicious “hackers” with disciplined scientific procedures to provide unique insight into the state of security for Information Systems and network vulnerabilities from an external hacker’s perspective
  • Ethical Hacking takes you to the next level! With certified Ethical Hackers added to your team, you can go beyond risk assessment and carry out the exploits using a wide range of techniques and attack vectors


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Absolutely critical considering that the average cyber incident recovery cost was almost $4M USD in 2020

  • Conduct incident forensics and response, ransomware recovery, and assess and improve overall security posture to mitigate any other potential entry points for attackers.
  • We help ensure your network, infrastructure and data is safe, implement all required cybersecurity best practices, and confirm that security remediation has reduced the probability of further breaches.

Minimize risk without an upfront cybersecurity investment

  • MDR is a 24×7 Security Monitoring Service (as a subscription)
  • It delivers the proper people, processes, and top SIEM technology for an effective security program
  • Security analysts will continuously monitor and notify you of potential security incidents.

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