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SkyLIGHT VCX Controller™

The SkyLIGHT VCX™ is the industry’s first performance assurance controller employing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to bring advanced monitoring capabilities network-wide, without the need for expensive, high-end test equipment.

This radically more efficient approach to network performance monitoring combines all the benefits of virtualization without compromising test speed or precision. By eliminating key cost, scalability, and coverage barriers to network performance visibility, service providers can now more cost-effectively ensure a better quality of experience (QoE) for users.

skyLIGHT Performance Platform

The VCX Controller works together with Accedian’s Nano smart SFP (optical transponder) and the compact GbE antMODULE™ to deliver multi-flow traffic generation and the ability to monitor the performance of thousands of flows. The modules are easy to install and cost up to 90% less than existing solutions, enabling service providers to realize the significant capital and operational efficiencies promised by an NFV architecture, while their customers benefit from a fully assured network.
Designed to fit seamlessly into a service provider’s existing infrastructure, operational practices and procedures, the VCX Controller uses the same interfaces as Accedian standalone solutions to interoperate openly with standards-based network elements, management platforms, analytics platforms, and more.