Training / Certification

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Professional Training

Accedian offers training programs designed to ensure your staff is equipped with world-class Performance Assurance and MEF-certified networking knowledge. Take full advantage of our solutions with the Accedian Certified Expert (ACE) training program – designed to increase the in-depth skills and abilities required to deploy, manage and maintain Network Performance Assurance Solutions while also ensuring interoperability with multi-vendor networks.

Accedian Certified Expert

The Accedian team is dedicated to ensuring that you maximize the long-term potential of your Performance Assurance Solutions. As your
service offerings grow and evolve, we are here to provide you with the expertise and knowledge needed to meet the most complex network requirements your customers may have. ACE Certification training courses

have a rich mix of theory and hands-on learning, supported by multimedia materials and printed course notes. Focus on one area of expertise, or complete all four modules to become an ACE: Accedian Certified Expert

ACE Modules

Elements & Modules

Total Coverage

Network Performance Modules
Hardware-precise, programmable test, monitoring and OAM: ideal for small-cells, APs, and cable modems

Network Performance Elements
Turn up, monitor and enforce multi-service H-QoS with unrivaled accuracy, granularity, and scale

ACE Modules


Total Coverage

Network Performance Actuators

Actuate industry standards-based+ L2/3/4 monitoring to agents, modules, elements, nodes & multi-vendor network elements.

ACE Modules

Vision Suite Performance Platforms

Total Coverage

Network Performance Platforms

Automate, orchestrate and visualize performance assurance in real-time. Open Network State+™ to your applications

ACE Modules

Network Performance Solution Design

Total Coverage

Network Performance Solution Design

Covers the capabilities of the entire Accedian Performance Assurance solution set (3 ACE courses) with Service Provider Use Case Studies reflecting delivery of best-in-class performance.

MEF Certification (CECP)

The Accedian MEF CECP preparation course delivers in-depth information about the content to be found in the MEF professional certification program, designed for telecommunication professionals seeking to validate their expertise, skills and knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technologies, standards, services and applications.

Certification Preparation Training

Intro to Ethernet / IP Networking Fundamentals

For new employees entering the industry or for non-technical staff who want to learn the fundamentals of Ethernet/IP technology, Accedian offers pre-defined course content for industry professionals. Offered hundreds of times, this course has proven results in making these key technologies accessible to everyone.

World Wide Training

Leverage our extensive experience & product knowledge and run your solutions with optimized performance. Our Instructors have a combined experience of over 20 years in teaching and are highly skilled and knowledgeable on all Accedian products and MEF qualifications. Our tailored courses can be conducted anywhere in the world – contact us to customize your own session.

Training map


We offer instructor-led classes at our training centers, at your place of business or through a virtual classroom. Our classes are hands-on, and are for professionals, network operators & administrators. We provide the equipment and course materials – bring only your passion for networking!