The sights and sounds of Cisco Live – Our key takeaways

Thank you to all who visited our booth – which featured the first public showing of Accedian’s new brand look – at Cisco Live US in San Diego! We appreciate your interest and patronage and are very enthused about the meaningful discussions we had with so many of you.

We are particularly excited about the current Accedian customers who stopped by to say that they love our products, because of how much performance visibility they provide, and to say how much they like our new brand look and feel. We were also particularly happy about those of you who stayed to view an extended demo of our capabilities for application and network performance monitoring for hybrid IT, cloud migration, and East-West traffic.

The Accedian team – Tom, Kaela, Tom, Marcel, Boris, Matt, Yasemin and Neil – says thank you!
Not in the photo but at the show: Richard and Sergio

We spoke with numerous professionals from a wide range of industries and with IT environments that include on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based. Everyone we spoke with admitted that they currently have limited performance visibility into and across their IT infrastructure – no matter what the topology.

When we explained that, with the Accedian Skylight solution, they could obtain both the micro detail as well as macro intelligence (the wide angle, comprehensive view) for their entire IT infrastructure, they were curious about exactly what that meant and what they could see. After viewing an in-depth demonstration from one of our experts, they often left our booth saying “wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you could see everything!” and “that’s exactly what we need to see in our environment.”

We weren’t that surprised that they didn’t know that Accedian offered such powerful capabilities. It’s a problem that besets many technology companies that create new, disruptive technologies – the capabilities aren’t widely known and sound almost too good to be true.

After all, what most people expect to see at these shows is maybe an incremental step forward in capabilities, not a significant leap forward.  But, sometimes innovations do deliver a large leap forward to provide new capabilities that aren’t available from other solutions.

That was what we sought to deliver with our Skylight performance monitoring solution. The fact that we do was validated by feedback from the people who viewed our demos at the show. 

The key takeaway we received at Cisco Live is that Skylight is the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive performance monitoring solution that delivers:

  • a single pane of glass for complete network and application visibility
  • unified performance visibility from layer 2 to layer 7
  • service performance demarcation with performance elements and sensors
  • exceptional scalability
  • in-depth performance analytics

All of this is provided by passive capture NAPM, cost-effective, intelligent active performance monitoring, and AI and machine learning to predict and help resolve performance issues in minutes.   

Accedian Skylight delivers unparalleled network and application performance visibility

The conclusion that many of our visitors drew is that Skylight makes cloud migrations, managing hybrid IT environments, and cloud application performance monitoring possible by providing the complete visibility that other performance monitoring tools struggle to deliver, or can’t deliver at all – with the added benefit of being 5-10X less expensive than those tools.

The last thing we did before saying goodbye to our visitors was to encourage them to download our free Skylight trial version onto their laptop so that they could experience first-hand what they can see about information about their environment’s performance that they’ve never seen before.

We encourage you to do the same. Watch a Skylight demo and then download our free trial version.