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Accedian Empowers Reliance Jio to Optimize Network Quality
and User Experience for 100 Million Subscribers

SkyLIGHT™ Provides Real-Time Insight Into QoE

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SkyLIGHT™ Wins Three Industry Awards

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CenturyLink and Accedian Showcase
Real-Time Visibility for Global-Scale Services

MEF16 proof of concept demonstrates tools
proven in global production networks

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Telefonica Picks Accedian

Exclusively selected to globally
assure performance, QoE

Network Performance and Quality of Experience is becoming the prime differentiator between networks operators.

Experience Performance

Gain unparalleled core-to-edge, real-time performance visibility, for network control to drive the best user experience.


We are the end-to-end network performance experts for mobile networks and enterprise-to-data center connectivity.

Mobile Networks

From backhaul to small cells, HetNets, and VoLTE, Accedian solutions make sure mobile customers have the best experience.

Cloud Connectivity

To make the cloud business-class, we drive performance in the critical connections between enterprises and their data, workloads, and applications.

Customers From Around The Globe

Thomson Reuters, CenturyLink, Telefonica, SK Telecom, Cox, T-Mobile, Colt, KVH, GCX, TMX, Reliance Jio, Global Cloud Xchange and 350 more top-tier customers around the globe rely on Accedian solutions, backed by more than 40 patents.

Serving the needs of top services providers has fueled Accedian’s innovation and growth since 2005. We assure of hundreds of thousands of links connecting cell sites, businesses and data centers, turning performance into a key competitive differentiator.

T Mobile, an Accedian Client
Colt, an Accedian Client
KVH Asia
Cox Communications

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