Bringing Performance Visibility to 5G

Create new revenue from 5G low-latency edge services that deliver on performance

Dynamic, self-optimizing 5G networks demand fast, granular and automated assurance

As 5G networks become programmable and software-defined, performance assurance has to operate at new levels of automation and speed. In order to win enterprise customers’ trust and to support new 5G business-critical applications, mobile operators need complete core-to-edge control of service performance.

Performance assurance has to be a mandatory component of 5G service definition and design. From service instantiation to tear-down, active performance KPIs are vital for maintaining service quality and provide the feedback loops necessary for automation.

5 ms

is the ideal delay for a hardcore cloud gamer, and they will pay for this assured quality—190 billion dollars in 2019 to be exact

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Why Skylight?

Easy to deploy

Skylight performance software sensors can be deployed natively as virtual network functions in 5G service chains

Accurate at real-time speed

Skylight leverages hardware accuracy as needed and provides extremely granular data for analytics and closed-loop automation

Scalable for mobile networks

Skylight provides complete visibility from core to 5G edge and is tried and tested when it comes to assuring the largest mobile networks in the world

“Partnering with Accedian helps us ensure the best possible quality of service and experience, which are at the heart of our reputation and our business. This is particularly important as we extend our network toward 5G, making the need for 24×7 end-to-end visibility critical.”

Choi Seung-wo, Senior VP and Head of Network Solution Office, SK Telecom

Low-latency 5G services need high performance at the edge

More complex mobile networks with dynamic service paths, combined with network functions moving towards the edge, present a new landscape for performance assurance. Services in these environments may never even traverse the mobile core network or may be very short-lived, requiring flexible, automated assurance to be defined and instantiated together with service creation. This forms the foundation of our Skylight service-based model for 5G assurance.

5G brings an explosion in the number of endpoints

5G brings more connected devices and services leveraging edge clouds using containers and micro services. Skylight’s standards-compliant software stack for active and passive service analytics lends itself to integration with virtual and physical elements distributed throughout the network. This makes 5G service management ubiquitous, real-time, and supportive of high performance requirements.

“This issue of static performance monitoring and service assurance is one of the reasons why telecom operators have been unable to address market opportunities with sufficient pace. It’s also why they need a new approach in 5G.”

Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading