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At Accedian, the leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection and end user experience solutions, we believe in offering an unmatched partner experience: an experience that instills loyalty among all parties – from Accedian to our channel partners, and ultimately to our end-user customers.

Through innovative and differentiated performance and security visibility solutions, as well as “as-a-service” usage models, we help you deliver a gold-standard experience for end-user customers around the world, and across all verticals.

Whether you are a Managed or Cloud Service Provider, Managed Security Service Provider, Systems Integrator, NPM Specialist, Reseller, or a Consultant, the Skylight 4X Partner Program is the partner program that makes it easy for you to support your customers with an unmatched experience.

Become a 4X partner today!

From low barriers to entry to a streamlined application process to flexible pricing and superior technical and sales support, the Skylight 4X Partner Program has everything you need to succeed in the performance visibility and end user experience space.

To learn more about how the Skylight 4X Partner Program delivers an unmatched partner experience, contact us today [email protected] or download the brochure.

Why Skylight 4X Partner Program?

It’s easy!
With no certification requirements, you realize program benefits from day one! Additional discount incentives are triggered as soon as your investment and commitment to Accedian are met. Plus, easy to use and access world-class online tools support your business pace.

It’s flexible!
Enjoy a minimal set of requirements that fit your timeframes and particular partnering needs. Because our solutions are delivered through CAPEX lifetime licenses and OPEX subscription-based offers and retainer based services, 4X partners can shorten sales cycles and broaden their end-user customer reach.

It’s profitable!
Choose from a wide range of discount incentives that reward you from your very first project. Beyond performance and cyber threat detection visibility, our solutions and technologies provide additional revenue streams including auditing, consulting, set-up, troubleshooting, and change management. Our technology enables you with the best margins available in the industry!

Hear why our partners love Skylight 4X

“We’ve seen quite a few customer challenges where Skylight has helped us to really differentiate ourselves… The product allows us to drill down, determine whether it is a network- or application-related issue, and then work with them to build a remediation plan.”

Gareth Humphreys, Chief Architect,
Solution Performance Group

“Traditional tools will focus on one particular area but with Accedian it’s got that broad view across the platform, across the data, across the applications. So having one tool that does everything, especially on these digital transformation journeys, is very important.

Alastair Broom, Senior Account Manager,
Logicalis UK

Technology Alliances

Accedian partnerships are driven by a shared drive to develop and deliver innovative, integrated telecom solutions to our customers. Our partners are carefully chosen based on their expertise, customer commitment, and business acumen.

Our selective approach assures we maintain deep relationships with our partners through extensive technical training, support, and interoperability where multi vendor solutions are developed.

Featured Alliances

Accedian has partnered with MobiledgeX to help bring forth an ecosystem for the flawless delivery of low latency digital experiences.

In this partnership, MobiledgeX provides the common application environment, the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud (operating in data centers, commodity clouds, and MEC locations), and Accedian provides the common trust model of network and application performance monitoring from radio layer latency to infrastructure monitoring.

Splunk has added Accedian’s Skylight powered Security as the first vendor app in their new Splunk Security Essentials package.

Accedian’s Skylight powered Security for Splunk gives enterprises the end-to-end visibility needed to detect irregular and suspicious network activity in real time. It acts as a single source of truth for critical IT assets in the enterprise core, data center, and hybrid cloud architectures by continuously monitoring every database, user, and transaction with unrivaled accuracy.

Technology Alliances

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