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Monitoring the State of the Network

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Accedian Acquires Performance Vision

Accedian has acquired Performance Vision, a leader in network and application performance monitoring (NPM/APM). Performance Vision delivers unified visibility across…

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    IEEE-maintained network connectivity layer standard that defines protocols and practices for Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) for paths through 802.1 bridges and LANs.


    An IEEE-defined standard for Ethernet in the first mile protocols used to connect a communications network and a customer premises.


    Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
    An IP-based networking system–typically relying on either the RADIUS or Diameter protocol–used to control the computer resources users have access to, and to track user activity on the network. AAA is used to enforce policies, audit usage, and collect information needed to bill for services.


    Alternate Access Vendor
    Company other than a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) that provides dedicated, private line telecommunications connections (usually via fiber).

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